Get time and finances for all the fun

The Danes love their work, it shows all the statistics, and although we do occasionally complain about long working days and sour bosses, we are probably still satisfied that there is work to do every morning. But it is also undeniably linked to the fact that we like to have money for fun and spas – both tangible and intangible.

It is nice to be able to buy a new armchair if that is what you are just missing, but it is also nice to be able to go on a mini vacation with the family, which is why you can get a breather from everyday life – and there is plenty of opportunity in the Danish country.

Pleasures require capital


But all these pleasures require capital. Nothing is free. And there is only one way in which to secure this capital – Join an a-box. It will secure you financially and you should not be afraid of dropping off to Sky or the new armchair just because you may not have a job tomorrow.

It is actually very easy and here are tips on how to find an optimal solution:

Combined membership

There are a lot of different a boxes on the market right now. Most unions offer a combined membership, where you are both a member of the trade union and an associated a box. It may be a good idea to find such an offer as there may be money to save with a combined membership.

However, it is very different from trade union to trade union, so the price level can vary widely. Therefore, it is a good idea to first examine all your options before you go over the first offer.

Find the cheapest a box


A good tool for finding the cheapest a box is to check their prices online. Here you can get a great overview of all the different offers that are on the market right now, as well as the companies offering them. You can either work categorically yourself and find and compare the different offers yourself.

An alternative that can ease the workload is that you find some of the many websites on the web that have collected all the different membership prices on a box. Here you can get an overview of almost all your options, where they are also ranked by price. It makes it easy, quick and easy for you to get a comprehensive overview of all your options.

Security for your freedom


Once it is established that it is important to be a member of an a-box. This is as stated above, because we must have a security in order to be able to go on pleasant family trips and enjoy the pleasures that Denmark has to offer.

This is not only beneficial to yourself, but it is essential for any family and childhood that you have some nice family trips and get away from the busy and unpleasant everyday life.

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