How long does it take to take payday pay?



A loan in fifteen minutes is the most popular advertising slogan regarding payday loans. Today we check how long the payday loan takes in practice and whether the quarter-hour actually provided by the lenders is the real waiting time for the loan.

Every person using payday loans would like to have money “for now”. Loan companies are doing everything they can to meet customer requirements. Unfortunately, the fifteen minutes given in advertisements usually refers to the time needed by the non-bank company to consider our application and make a possible transfer of the loan to our account.

Consideration of the application or why it takes so long?

Consideration of the application or why it takes so long?

The number of similar applications flowing to the lender and our creditworthiness usually determine whether a company can analyze our application within a quarter of an hour.

It may be that on a given day, more people than usual will submit a loan application at a selected non-bank company. The lender then serves everyone according to the order of applications. In such situations, it is understandable that he is not able to consider all applications in a few minutes. We must therefore be patient and acknowledge that the employees of the loan company will deal with our case as soon as possible.

Our credit history may also affect the length of your application. Each lender is obliged to monitor it. If it’s positive, the loan company doesn’t have much to think about. However, if the debtors’ databases contain several unflattering entries about us, the lender must think more carefully and assess whether giving us payday loans will not be too much of a risk for him (and us). And this may take some time …

Time to transfer the loan

Time to transfer the loan

When the decision to grant us the requested payday loan is made, the lender notifies us about it and at the same time performs the transfer to the account we specify. At this stage, his role in providing us cash is almost over. Now it all depends on the bank where we run the account. If it is the same institution used by our lender, we can assume that the transfer between accounts in the same bank will reach us faster. However, if we use the services of a completely different bank, a cash transfer may take several hours or even one business day. It all depends on the bank sessions and whether the transfer is made on non-working days. On weekends, holidays etc. money can reach our hands much later than on other days of the week.

What can the customer do to speed up the transfer of the loan to his account?

What can the customer do to speed up the transfer of the loan to his account?

As you can see, when the loan is paid out to the customer, it depends a lot on the loan company and the bank. However, borrowers can also speed up the process themselves. It is enough for them to prepare the documents required by the lender (usually an ID card and e.g. an employment contract) before completing the application. Thanks to this, they will quickly enter relevant data into the loan application. In addition, it is also worth making a verification transfer immediately. The sooner he reaches the lender, the more efficiently he will be able to confirm our identity and proceed to the examination of the application.

Non-bank companies usually have accounts in several banks. From the list provided by the lender, it is best to choose the bank where you own the account. Thanks to this, the verification transfer will reach the recipient faster than in the case of transactions between two different banks.


The payday loans regulations usually contain information on how much the customer must wait for the loan to be transferred. Non-bank companies usually give themselves a reserve of several days. It is worth reaching for this document, especially if we care about time. It may turn out that the lender will pay us money, e.g. after three days, and this will be in line with the loan terms and conditions that we have accepted.

In our rankings, we try to present the real waiting time for cash transfers. See how much you will have to wait for the loan transfer to the company you choose!

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