Loan for a statement

A loan for a statement is an ideal option. Minimal formalities, short waiting time for a bank decision and quick money on the account. This is a really cool thing. The client comes to the bank, completes a special letter in which he declares his earnings and waits for the bank’s decision. You do not need any work certificates, prints, receipts etc. And you can get a loan of up to ten thousand USD.

Loan for a statement – basic information

Loan for a statement - basic information

This type of loan is also potentially big problems. Not only for customers, but above all for banks. Credit for a statement is a popular name for a product offered a few years ago by most banks and financial investments. At the time, it simply meant that to get the coveted loan, it was enough to show the client’s identity card. In this case, the banks did not use complicated and tedious procedures. A simple customer declaration of earnings was sufficient, and a loan for a declaration was usually granted.

This Eldorado, however, largely ended a few years ago. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority, guided by concern for the financial liquidity of banks and other financial institutions, implemented the so-called Recommendation T. This meant the end of such financial instruments of this kind. It resulted from the fact that the loan granted on the statement became a very risky service. From year to year, more and more bank customers had problems with timely repayment of their liabilities. In the long run, this could shake the banking system in our country and be a serious threat to money deposits placed in banks by citizens.

Recommendation T.


What does the T recommendation mean in practice? Banks were simply forced to tighten their lending policy. It wasn’t easy to get a loan or even a small loan. Customers accustomed to such easy and accessible products such as credit on declaration were unhappy.

So today, not all banks offer a loan based on a statement. It is located roughly in the dossier of 2/3 banks operating in Poland. The easiest way to get such a loan is when you pay in installments. But in this case, the decision to grant a loan is subject to a number of conditions.

Most often, a bank requires a personal account, preferably for a minimum of six months. It is also important that the earnings flowing into the account are regular and in a similar amount. Irregular income is a major impediment for an instrument such as a loan based on a statement.

Private loans

Private loans

Private loan companies are the solution for people who have problems deciding on a loan based on the statement. There are a lot of them and they mainly offer a loan based on a statement. All you need is a permanent place of residence, an ID card and a courier can knock on our door with a contract ready for signature. Loan companies usually offer a loan for a statement of up to about $ 4-5 thousand. Usually you need to make a minimal transfer, for example in the amount of $ 0.01 to the account of the money lending company. In this way, companies confirm our credibility. 

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